17 February
16.30 - 18.00 Lisbon time

Tax Regime in Portugal

Let's look at the features and details of the Portuguese tax laws for those who are going to move here.
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Taxes in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most popular countries for tax optimization among immigrants around the world. Check out the reasons why:
NHR: 0% tax on income abroad
Does the NHR tax regime really work and you can not pay taxes on income from abroad. How to get it and how to make sure that you pay 0% taxes.
Overview of taxes in Portugal
The most important thing about the taxes that you will have to pay here, whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee or a remote worker.
Tax optimization
Optimize your taxes when moving to Portugal from Ukraine, Russia and other countries.
Tax Advisors & Accountants
MigRun provides the best English-speaking Tax advisors & Accountants in Portugal. We cooperate only with experienced professionals with excellent recommendations.
Anna Rudokvas
Tax-Advisor, the specialization — tax optimization.
Certified Accountant and Tax Advisor in Portugal with 10+ years of experience.
The member of the Bar Association, tax partner of MigRun.

Comment by Vlad (CEO of MigRun): All roads lead to Anna Rudokvas and just a few other accountants. One of the most professional accountants I have worked with over the past two years in Portugal.

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