Residence in Slovakia — the affordable way to immigrate to EU

Slovakia is a beautiful, modern, and immigrant-friendly country that attracts people around the world to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia. Moreover, Slovakia has the lowest crime rate among European countries. Students have chosen Slovakia for its free and high-quality education, and entrepreneurs are for the ease of doing business. You can easily register a company or individual entrepreneur, and taxes are not as high as in other EU countries.

Advantages of obtaining a residence in Slovakia

The main advantage of Slovakia is the ease of obtaining a residence permit for entrepreneurs. As well as freedom of movement in the Schengen area and quality education at an international level.
Taxes in Slovakia
The tax regime in Slovakia is quite loyal in comparison with other European countries. In addition, in Slovakia, there are tax benefits for certain areas of business.


Ease of obtaining a residence permit
Slovakia has a very low percentage of refusals to obtain a residence permit. In addition, after 5 years of legal residence in Slovakia, you can obtain a permanent residence permit in Europe.
Business in Slovakia
Registering an individual entrepreneur or company in Slovakia is quite simple. It is enough to prepare a package of documents and pay fees. Unlike Portugal or Spain, there is practically no bureaucracy in Slovakia.
Family immigration
The main plus of a residence permit in Slovakia is that the family can be reunited with the main applicant immediately. The applicant has the right to reunite direct relatives and move the whole family to Slovakia at once.
Free education
Slovakia is famous for its quality education. By the way, education in the Slovak language at universities is free. Slovak language - can be learned in a few months, many foreign students study in Slovakia for free.
Mortgages in Slovakia for foreigners
Buying property in Slovakia is possible for foreigners. Slovak banks provide mortgages for foreigners with a residence permit along with citizens of Slovakia. However, the mortgage interest rate is 1.8-2.5% per annum.

2 most popular ways to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia

Education in Slovakia
Many foreign students in Slovakia come here for quality and free education. Students obtain a residence permit in Slovakia, participate in student exchange programs throughout the EU and have the opportunity to stay in the country after graduation.

How to choose the type of visa that suits your needs?

Freelancers, nomads, and remote workers

Do you want to live in a European country and do business at the same time? Then obtaining a residence permit through the opening of an individual entrepreneur will suit your needs in Slovakia.
Entrepreneurs and startup founders
Are you relocating a company or want to start building a business abroad? A residence permit through the opening of a company will be the ideal solution for you.
If you dream of moving to Europe and getting a quality education, then a residence permit for students will suit you.

What types of problems can be solved using MigRun Tracker?

The MigRun tracker will help you save time and make the immigration process easier.
Annual rent contract
The consulate requires to have an annual rental contract in Slovakia. It's difficult to do if you haven't relocated here yet. Therefore, the MigRun Team will assist you to get a rental contract.

Tax number, guarantor and bank account
It is possible to open a bank account and register a business remotely in a few weeks. Our partner will do all the work for you.
Opening a company or sole proprietorship
Opening a company or individual entrepreneur is easy and fast. The tracker will contain detailed instructions, but if anything, we will do it in just a few days for you.
Long replies from the consulate
No need to wait for the consulate's response. MigRun Tracker put together an extensive guide for your relocation to Slovakia with clear answers and in an accessible language.

Partners with an impeccable reputation
We cooperate with reliable partners and with extensive experience in relocation to Slovakia. Together we have developed comprehensive and free guides for immigrants.
Takes a long time to process applications
The consulate and immigration service may consider your application for a residence permit for up to 90 days. Thanks to the tracker you can check the immigration process and optimize the time spent.

Why is the MigRun tracker free and how do we earn on it?

We believe that information about immigration should be simple and accessible to everyone. We earn on complex and atypical cases, as well as providing legal assistance in obtaining tax numbers, opening bank accounts, relocating companies. Moreover, we also earn money from consultant's fees that involved working with special situations.

You can do it yourself or We can do it together

Get your residence permit in Portugal within 5 months. Find out all essential information and tips with less bureaucracy, and legal expenses. We’ve put together an extensive and completely free of charge guide for your European relocation. However, if you do not want to deal with everything yourself, then our immigration lawyers and personal assistants will be glad to help you.

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