Get a NIF number and open a bank account in Portugal remotely & quickly

To obtain a residence permit, you need to have a tax number and an account in a Portuguese bank, which must have funds to live in the country, for at least one year.

How does it work?

Fill out the form and attach documents
You will need to fill in passport data, confirm the place of residence. For a bank account, documents on the origin of funds and tax returns from your country.
Make a power of attorney
and sign a contract
To open a bank account remotely, a power of attorney is required. It can be issued remotely and sent by mail, MigRun experts will also help with this.
Our representative submits documents to the tax office and the bank
In about a week, you will receive a NIF by mail (with a login and password from your personal tax office), and a bank card in a few weeks.
You submit documents to the consulate
While the NIF and bank account are being prepared, you can search for an apartment yourself or with the help of our realtors, as well as prepare other documents for the consulate.

Prices & Timeframe

Portugal is not a very predictable country in terms of timing, but, as a rule, it takes a maximum of 3-4 weeks to open a NIF and a bank account. MigRun's experts will take care of all the paperwork, issue the NIF and open a bank account for you and your family.
  • We will issue a tax number in a week. You only need copies of a few pages of your passport.
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Bank account
  • We will open an account for you in Portuguese Novobanco. Timeframe: 1-4 weeks depending on compliance
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2 most popular ways to get a residence permit in Portugal

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