Get help from a professional lawyer, accountant, consultant, and translator

Immigration consultant
The assistant will answer all questions regarding immigration, and will also help you create a personal immigration strategy for you and your family
Accountant and tax advisor
Your personal tax assistant will answer all questions about the tax regime and tax optimization, as well as help you choose the tax strategy for your business
Lawyer and Advocate
If the consulate refuses to issue you a visa, although all documents are in order, a lawyer will help you defend your rights and file an appeal
Realtor and translator
The realtor will help you find your dream apartment, and the translator will translate and certify all documents. And also accompany you to the immigration office when submitting documents

Legal Consultation: Simple Guide

Choosing an assistant and developing a strategy
First, it is important to choose a country - and make sure that is the best option for you.
Then, find out all the details of your case.
Consultation with an accountant and a lawyer
The strategy should be about your business as well as taxes. It is better to learn about the laws and tax features of the country in advance.
Power of attorney and collection of documents
To collect all documents quickly, you need to provide us with a power of attorney. MigRun team will apply for a tax number & open a bank account. The logistics of documents from your country and back will be included in the price.
Experts apply for a tax number, open a bank account, search for a real estate
Everything related to your personal finances and taxes, you will need to unload yourself from your personal bank and tax accounts. MigRun experts will take care of all other documents. Execution time 5-10 days.
Accompany to every instance
In this step, We fill out all the forms for you, register you at the consulate, help prepare for the submission of documents, give an interpreter and help you pass an interview at the immigration service.
We help in the first months upon arrival
Our experts will help you communicate with government agencies, tell you where to buy a car, choose a school for children, how to pay taxes, and more.

Result guaranteed

The service attracts international specialists worldwide, who are well aware of the specifics of your relocation region.
Specific and clear
We quickly respond to inquiries and answer all questions. If necessary, we will connect with an additional specialist.
Unlimited consultant
Contact a consultant any day, get moral support or clarify some issues in the requirements of the consulate.
Full result guarantee
100% guarantee of obtaining a residence permit. Even if your visa is refused, the lawyer will appeal the decision. But if something does not suit you, we guarantee a full refund or a change of consultant.
Trusted experts
We work only with licensed lawyers and accountants. And these are not only English-speaking specialists but Russian, French, British, Brazilian. They respond quickly and clearly.


More than 800 people moved abroad using our partner migration consultants

+15 years

For more than 15 years, the consultants and lawyers have been helping people move abroad from the UK, the USA, China, the CIS, Brazil, India, and other countries.


For only 4500€ you will receive personal support assistance. Moreover, in case of refusal, we will help defend your interest at the consulate and help you apply for a second visa for free. All expenses included.

Please leave a request and we will quickly contact you to get started

Why Portugal?

Portugal is an inexpensive European country to live in, with a 0% tax on foreign income. It is one of the few EU countries where you have the right to obtain Portuguese citizenship within 5-6 years of residence. A high level of security, an eco-friendly environment, and a good attitude towards immigrants make Portugal a perfect country for immigration.

Advantages of living in Portugal

To put it simply, there is a 0% tax on foreign income and cryptocurrency. Moreover, it is easy to set up a business or Individual entrepreneurship there, as well as esquire a bank account. Even just with an international passport, it is possible to obtain a residence permit within 4 months.


0% tax on foreign income, dividends, and crypto

Portugal has a special tax regime called a non-habitual residence (NHR). It is a government program that allows qualifying specialists the opportunity to become tax residents and still legally eliminate the taxes on foreign income, including crypto.


The fastest way to obtain an EU passport

Portugal is the easiest country in Europe to gain a passport. Meaning you only need to hold your resident permit for 5 years, then exchange it for a permanent one. After holding a permanent residence for one year, you will have the right to apply for an EU passport.


Convenient country for remote workers and freelancers

Portugal is a very affordable country to live in. The cost of food and other expenses is much lower than, for example, in Spain. You can find delicious food, lots of seafood, fresh vegetables, and cheap accommodation there.


Pleasant temperatures year-round

Portugal is one of the most breathtaking countries in Europe with a typical Mediterranean temperate climate and beautiful ocean, like in California. Summer months bring great beach days and a lot of hours of sunshine, with temperatures averaging 28ºC. The average temperature in winter is around 12º - 16ºC.


Immigrant Friendly country

Portugal offers immigrants a warm welcome with their loyal immigration laws and tax breaks. Moreover, the Portuguese are very friendly people, they are always ready to help you.

English speaking country

Portugal has the 7-highest English proficiency among non-native speakers in the world. You can easily communicate with locals in English almost everywhere.

Personal Immigration assistant

A personal immigration assistant will develop a strategy for your case, accompany you to all authorities, and help prepare all necessary documents on time. The assistant will support you through all stages of your immigration journey.

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