Online advisor for Residence Permit and EU relocation
Get your EU residence permit for five months with a minimum of bureaucracy, expenses for lawyers and consultants.

All requirements and instructions are in one place with unambiguous answers and clear language.
Mary tries to understand all the requirements of the consulates and the experiences of those who have moved.
But she got a lot of advice based on irrelevant personal experience and a lot of requirements.
You already want to move to the European Union and started looking for information about documents and requirements needed
This service is for you if:
But either find unstructured and conflicting recommendations that the emigrates give from their subjective experience
You come across lawyers and agents, but it is not clear should you trust a particular agent or not. And you do n't want to overpay for obvious advice.
Or you have already tried to prepare the documents by yourself, but the requirements of the consulates are non-specific and they raise more questions than give answers.
It seems complicated.
The immigration process can be confusing. We know how to make it as clear as possible and go through it faster. We are sure that you can do everything by yourself with the help of our tracker. We will help, where you cannot.
Freelancers, nomads
and remote workers
You want to live in a developed country with a minimum of bureaucracy during the process of moving
and startups
You want to relocate the company or to start a business abroad
For whose who want to change life by moving
Highly qualified specialists or people with residual income
All answers about emigration process in one place
You can handle emigration yourself with the residence permit tracker.
We will help where you want to speed up the process.
Residence permit tracker
Made by lawyers and expats from all over the world
Save thousands
euro and tens of hours
In human language wihout bureaucracy
The process of obtaining a residence permit in the EU costs €3000+ and 60+ hours in average
No need to waste time and nerves searching for answers on Facebook, wasting time to understand the details of the process and communicating with lawyers
We described the requirements of immigration services in human language and gave unambiguous answers
Information on the service is added by consultants with 600+ cases of moving to Europe
The tracker is open and the information
verified by lawyers and the community
Information is checked by three independent lawyers, accountants and consultants
They are licensed by the country where you go.
The tracker is open to everyone
You can gather all the information by yourself from various sources. But you'll spend a lot of time and nerves on it.
Move with pleasure
Fill out the form and we'll send
the first version of the tracker [in February]
Thank you! We'll send you a link to the first version of the tracker and instructions for several countries in early February. See you soon!

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