Get a Portuguese Residence permit through setting up a business (visa D2)

One of the most difficult ways to relocate to Portugal. However, if you want to develop a business in Portugal or you do not meet the criteria for a D7 visa (for freelancers, remote workers, or passive income holders), then this option may suit you. Check the 4 steps for obtaining a D2 visa:

D2 visa Process

There are 4 steps to obtaining a D2 visa.

Prepare the documents
Request a NIF tax number, open a Portuguese bank account, set up a company or "recibos verdessole" - soel proprietorship. We advise you to conclude several contracts in Portugal and pay taxes and salary to the director of the company (to yourself) for the first 3-6 months.
Submit documents to the consulate and get a visa
Make an appointment online to visit the Portuguese Consulate in your country. There, demonstrate your documents and all the constituent and financial documents for the company. Attention: The visa is given to you, not to the company.
Move to Portugal and get a residence permit card
Then you can enter Portugal and register with the immigration service. Within 2-3 months you will receive a residence permit card by mail.
Deal with bureaucracy upon arrival
In Portugal, you will need to deal with the tax regime, local bureaucracy, find friends and colleagues.

How to get a D2 visa?

A D2 visa is needed to legally enter Portugal and submit additional documents to the immigration service (SEF) in order to obtain a residence permit.

The residence is issued longer than the standard Schengen visa, but it is almost a residence permit. Consider up to 60 days, but usually no more than a month.

Below you will find the entire list of documents with links on where to get them yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us.
Follow the instructions (watch below)
If something is not clear - write to us. All questions will be answered by an experienced immigration lawyer.
В русскоязычных группах вам предложат сделать NIF за цену от 150 до 600 евро. Знайте — это обдирательство. Это будут обосновывать ответственностью "налогового поручителя", но если вы почитаете законодательство, то не найдете ничего про эту ответственность, кроме как за то, чтобы пересылать вам письма от органов. Так что справедливая цена не выше 150 евро за помощь, и то, можно при желании сделать бесплатно, если есть друзья португальцы.
Это просто районная администрация. Прийти вместе с другом и оплатить пошлину около 6 евро (не забудьте паспорт). 
Conclude Portuguese contracts for an individual entrepreneur or a company
Congratulations! You are one step away from getting a residence permit. It remains to find confirmation of contracts with Portuguese clients and you can apply for a D2 visa.

Important! To obtain a resident visa, it is not necessary to have signed contracts. A promise of a contract from a Portuguese client is enough (Promessa de contrato de trabalho with the start date of cooperation. Don't worry it is not officially registered anywhere). But it is better to provide a contract with Portuguese companies. If you have issued invoices (recibos verdes for individual entrepreneurs and VAT (IVA) - for a company), the chances to obtain a D2 visa will increase many times over.

Why is the MigRun tracker free and how do we earn on it?

We believe that information about immigration should be simple and accessible to everyone.
We earn on complex and atypical cases, as well as providing legal assistance in obtaining tax numbers, opening bank accounts, relocating companies. Moreover, we also earn money from consultant's fees that involved working with special situations.
After your D7 visa is approved
Congratulations! You are one step away from getting a residence permit.
Just follow the small instruction below.

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