Consultation for special cases

We offer not just consultations, but answers to all your questions and a detailed plan for your immigration. If there was not enough time for consultations, you will still receive answers in email or our consultant will call you back.
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Why choose us?

MigRun team provides excellent legal services for clients worldwide.
Goal orienteering
At the very first consultation, you will receive a result, clear answers to all your questions regarding relocation.
Individual approach.
If during the consultation we did not have time to answer some of the questions, then you will definitely receive them without additional payments by email or an additional call.


If you are not satisfied with the result of the consultation, then we will refund the money. So far, this has never happened, but we are sure that such an option will make you feel more confident
Trusted experts
Out of 30 lawyers and immigration consultants, we chose three to cooperate, based on recommendations and real cases of the experts.

Get help from a professional lawyer, accountant, consultant, and translator

Immigration consultant

The assistant will answer all questions regarding immigration, and will also help you create a personal immigration strategy for you and your family

Accountant and tax advisor

Your personal tax assistant will answer all questions about the tax regime and tax optimization, as well as help you choose the tax strategy for your business

Lawyer and Advocate

If the consulate refuses to issue you a visa, although all documents are in order, a lawyer will help you defend your rights and file an appeal

Legal Consultation Services: Simple Guide

Fill in the form
and briefly describe the situation
Describe your case and ask your questions. This will allow the consultant to prepare for the meeting.
Book a time
Choose a convenient time for you and the consultant. Usually, the session lasts one hour, but sometimes it can take a little longer.
Visit an online consultation
During the consultation, you will discuss all the questions, get comprehensive answers and prepare a strategy for your relocation.
Start preparing for relocation
We don't have a goal to sell more appointments with a consultant. You can continue to prepare for the move yourself with the help of our tracker. But if you want, the consultant will take care of the case.

Consultation for special cases

  • Proves required for immigration abroad
  • Relocate abroad with family and relatives
  • Opening a company or individual entrepreneur, support and expenses
  • Tax & business advice
  • Features of communication with the consulate and immigration office
  • Procedure for dealing with non-standard cases
  • Verification of all required documents before submission
  • Everything related to the immigration process or preparation for it

Price and guarantee

The service returns money for consultations if the client did not receive answers to his/her questions and specific recommendations on the case.
Consultation + additional communication in WhatsApp
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